We’ve got racks

We’re unable to leave anything stock and so when we looked at our luggage racks, we noticed things that just didn’t suit us. For me (Patrick), the rear rack that comes with the Happy Trails SU racks is too small and the mounting points require excessively long bolts which are more prone to sheering and also just more difficult to work on. I opted to weld a larger rack I built on top of their rack, it doesn’t look pretty but it’s very functional. As for the mounting points, they were cut off and stronger ones were welded on. These ones will NOT break (famous last words).

As for Tim, he opted to use the Moose racks from his DL1000. Surprisingly they were pretty close to fitting but the two mounting points that attach to the passenger pegs needed to be remade. The end result is a beautiful set of stainless bolt-on mounts and a damn near factory finish.

We still have lots to do and only 36 days to do it. Stay tuned. On the plus side, I no longer have to go to work so this trip is now my full-time job!


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