We got our first sponsor!

We’re very proud to announce Enduro Guardian as our first official sponsor.

Anyone that’s familiar with the V-strom knows that one of its major weaknesses is that it sits low to the ground and thus the bottom takes some punishment. Without a skidplate the oil lines and filter are susceptible to damage. The Enduro Guardian skidplate is the best skidplate currently available for the DL650, and I can say that with just shy of 100,000 miles of abuse with one protecting my last three DL’s. It has no drain hole, no filter access, no excess BS that will cause it to fail or allow things to work there way into the engine area. It has the beefiest mount of any I’ve ever seen, the fit and finish is excellent, and over the years it has had updates to make it damn near perfect. The only thing I’ll disagree with Yann at EG about is that you need to remove it to change the oil, drop the two bolts on the back and she will swing down far enough to change the oil and filter with no mess.

Thanks for your support Enduro Guardian and for making the best skidplate available. Full review to follow.

You can purchase lots of great products for your V-strom at www.enduroguardian.com