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I’m Matt the newest to motorcycling in the group. How new? Like I currently have about 1,500 miles under my belt. But after 5 months, and around 25,000 miles I’m confident I’ll figure it out or die. But perseverance or death is at the heart of any true adventure, and when presented with the opportunity for an epic adventure of this scale and magnitude, how could I not tag along with my two childhood best friends? (FOMA would be a serious BITCH on this on.)

I grew up in New Jersey; currently reside in Philadelphia with my amazing girlfriend Becky. She gracefully approved this trip, and I am looking forward to her meeting us somewhere along the way.


I’m a camera guy and I travel a fair amount for my job, and with every place I go my insatiable urge for world exploration grows exponentially. My desires are to meet fantastic people, see the beauty of world, eat any and everything, and hopefully see what life is like across the Americas.

Will I accomplish this? Will Pat, Tim and I grow our friendship, or will it be tested to the limits? You’ll have to find out for yourself, so follow along on our blog, and be on the look out for the documentary we are making along the way.