Europe March 2015

On a stroke of luck my job which has never afforded me the opportunity to go abroad ended up sending me to Europe for a month. Unfortunately I was told on Sunday night that I’d be leaving Tuesday morning which meant very little time to pack or plan. I throw my climbing gear and motorcycle gloves into the suitcase hoping that I’d be able to find some free time, this would prove to be a good idea. All in all I visited Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Stockholm with a quick weekend jaunt to Umag, Croatia. Rental bikes included an F800GS and a KLE500.


IMAG0196[1] IMAG0178[1] IMAG0234[1] IMAG0279[1] IMAG0191[1] IMAG0297[1] IMAG0348[1]IMAG0120[1] IMAG0096[1]IMAG0156[1]