Costa Rica….

As we rode out from San Juan del Sur towards the border, I hear Matt over the headset “this kind of reminds me of the roads near home” to which I responded “unless you look directly left” in reference to Ometepe, the island volcano. Matt was right though, the southern part of Nicaragua was a lush green, with vegetation and roadways that did have a feel of rural NJ, oddly enough. The border arrived quickly, creeping up on us despite our knowledge that it was only an hour out. As usual it was immediately apparent by the large number of trucks blocking the road. Once past we made our way to a large building with a very poorly organized parking area. Trucks, buses, cars, bikes, and masses of people spread throughout. We needed to find a police officer and a border agent to inspect our motorcycles prior to exit. In addition to this we also needed to complete all of our exit paperwork and stampings. The difficulty level of finding a police officer, of which there were very few, and timing it properly with the border agent was high. Once complete we ate some plantain chips, chatted with some curious bystanders, and made our way over the border to begin the longer part of the process.