Patrick mcfarland pat

I am first and foremost a rider. My interest in motorcycles stems from that early childhood realization of the freedom you feel the first time your parents let you leave the neighborhood on your bike. My journey as a motorcyclist began on graduation day of college when my parent’s sanction against motorcycle ownership was officially over. I got my start on the street but it was when I bought my first dual sport, a KLR650 that the world began to feel like a playground ripe with new attractions. Every dirt road, every trail had me asking and subsequently answering the question “Wonder where that goes?” It’s the closeness you feel with your surroundings, the changes in temperature as you climb in elevation, lightening that traipses across the sky both exciting and scaring you, snowfall that tests your skill and courage, these experiences are what you remember. I sold off my car years ago forcing that I ride in every condition and ensuring that my mother has had many restless nights.

My exploration of the US on various motorcycles has shown me that our world is filled with incredible places and interesting people. It’s the combination of natural beauty and seemingly unconditional generosity that piques my desire to explore. From crossing the US via the Trans American Trail, bagging mountain passes in Colorado, crushing 1200+ mile days for Iron Butt certifications, and racing enduros, it’s the diversity that motorcycling offers that keeps it interesting. I look forward to the adventure that lies ahead and escaping the tethers of the office chair alongside two people I am confident will make the experience epic.