53 Days until we hit the road

The thing no one really thinks about with trip planning is that you still have to manage your life in the meantime; your friends, your family, your job, bills, etc. All of these things get in the way, distractions from the ultimate goal of leaving on time and fully prepared. As I write this my mind is filled with a slew of to-do’s necessary to realize this goal. At the same time it’s all for naught if only one or two of us are ready on September 20th, all three need to be on the same page.

Despite the seemingly large list of things we still collectively need to accomplish, I am growing more excited every day. I no longer have to check the calendar to see how many days until we leave, the mental countdown is in full effect. Each morning when I wake up I’m one day closer. This proximity to departure is also finally dissuading those who doubted me for the last couple years when I would tell them about my “motorcycle trip to Patagonia.”¬†Recently a friend told me that when she hears me say I’m going to do something, she knows that I will. That statement really meant a lot to me. ¬†We’re going to be at the southernmost city in the world in 2016 and we leave in just 53 days. I only hope that each of us finds exactly what we’re looking for on this journey.